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just playing around.


just playing around.

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To be honest I have a 4.0 in AP biology and there are parts of the human anatomy
                       I have n e v e r seen before on these walls.

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Lydia Martin

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I wanna play! I wanna be on the team. I wanna go out with Allison. I want a semi-freaking normal life. Do you get that? 1.02

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caroline forbes in every episode
↳ 1x22 “Founder’s Day”

"You’re gonna have to do a little bit better than sorry.” 

d o e s  i t   e v e r   s t o p ?

                            t h e   w a n t i n g   y o u ?

j: every man and woman in the world needs to know how to defend theselves, sassenach. especially those married to a fraser
c: i think i’m more  a w a r e  o f   t h a t  every day.